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Brand Twitter Accounts Are Sharing The Inappropriate Jokes They Can Get Away With

Running a big brand social media account seems like a particular kind of hell. Your job is to seem funny and relatable, without being offensive or too corny or too oblivious. You want to jump on trends without seeming like you’re behind the times, but that’s almost impossible because memes move at the speed of lightning. Lots of brands still stick to the bland, PR speak of olden days, but many are trying to be the next Wendy’s account. It’s no longer edgy or cute when a brand gets saucy, but they’re trying and I truly feel for the person with the login info.

The newest trend brands are trying to jump on is the “Things you can say while at __ and during sex” game, which briefly took over Twitter this week. Basically, people tweeted out two images, one of people clearly getting it on, one of a random thing, like baseballs, and asked folks to come up with stuff you could say during sex and a baseball game. Kinda goofy, quickly overdone, now in the past.

Well, here is Netflix, dragging the meme out of its grave and turning it into a true zombie monster. They tweeted, “What’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand Twitter account?”

Lots and lots of brands responded. Imagine all these poor social media editors at home, desperately trying to come up with the cleverest response to please the execs at the top. 

“Is this too horny? Horny enough? Will our demographic relate to eating a**?”

Some of the responses are worth a chuckle, but most of us probably don’t want to imagine Netflix or Animal Planet feeling sexy. And yet, now we must:

And there were many, many more:

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Exactly. Now that Petco has gone horny on the main, there’s no going back.