Brace For July 2020 Memes, They’re Comin’ In Hot (30 Memes)

Thanks to the current crisis all but stopping time, it feels like we’re stuck in an endless, nightmarish spring…but it’s technically summer! July in fact! It’s just hard to tell when you can’t go to the beach, travel, or meet friends at a bar. Back when the global pandemic first started changing everyone’s lives in big ways in the winter most people thought things would’ve calmed down a bit by now. Instead we’re all still huddled in our houses and wearing masks when we go out as the pandemic shows no signs of abating (at least in the U.S.).

Luckily we have the internet to soothe us and tell us everything is going to be OK. I’m kidding of course. The internet is a place for brutal honesty and the world’s memesmiths are pulling no punches when it comes to their predictions for July 2020. Earthquakes, aliens, swine flu—you name it! Some are even speculating an uprising of Karens.

Folks are convinced that July 2020 will be as terrible as the preceding months and they are sharing their very best apocalypse scenarios in the form of memes.


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