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“Midsommar” Has Become A Meme Because This Scene Works With Just About Everything (17 Memes)

Even in these trying times, Florence Pugh lifts us up. The horror film Midsommar has offered people so many opportunities to make memes these days, because it’s so littered with stunning images of people losing their absolute minds in the strangest of circumstances. There is one moment in the movie that is getting its due right now: It’s the first realization in the film that all is not as it should be at this pagan festival, and its being hailed as the Midsommar meme.

In the scene, a bunch of elderly people jump to their deaths of their own free will, as a kind of tribute to the holiday and as an ancient way of culling the herd. This is no longer considered acceptable as a means of population control (despite what the GOP is pushing with their lack of coronavirus response). Pugh’s character and her fictional boyfriend look up in horror. A clip of this moment was decontextualized and paired with Edward Cullen sitting up in a tree by Twitter user @straw_berrry_, kicking off the Midsommar Shock meme, according to KnowYourMeme.

And it’s taken off from there. I don’t know if anyone can top this mashup since Twilight has come back into our cultural consciousness during lockdown as well. It feels like the perfect pairing to me? But people are certainly trying and the results are very fun. See which ones give you a shock: