21 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Winter Than You Are

Holy moly, this winter has been ridiculously cold. Just like stupid-polar-vortex-icy-nightmare-freezing-please-let-it-end-cold. And it’s been going on for something like 80 months now, right? Or maybe it just feels that way.

Look at this weather map. Yes, okay, it’s winter, but this is not okay!

I live very close to Rockford. This is what our weather looks like for tomorrow from Wellthatsucks

But whenever you start to feel sorry for yourself, just remember: at least you’re not these people.

1. Everyone in Minneapolis (sending thoughts and prayers).

2. This person whose fence is not going to be super useful for keeping the dog in, or anything else out.

We’ve gotten a little extra snow up here in Maine. I don’t think our fence will contain the dogs anymore… from Wellthatsucks

3. Whoever has this as their weather forecast.

4. This man, who wished for double digits. Lol. Sorry, dude.

At least he got what he asked from Wellthatsucks

5. This man, who grew a beard to keep his face warm in the winter. Looks like that’s working out great!

I grew a beard to keep my face warm this winter… from Wellthatsucks

6. The owner of these gloves that are stuck to a metal railing.

my gloves froze to the handrail from mildlyinteresting

7. This person who lives where it’s cold enough to FREEZE ANTI-FREEZE.

It’s so cold in Iowa that we froze antifreeze from mildlyinteresting

8. Whoever has their car parked in this garage. Yikes.

The blowing snow drifted so high for this guy that he was met with a wall of snow when he opened the garage door. from Wellthatsucks

9. This Chicago spaghetti-eater.

10. The person who was planning on drinking this wine.

I can’t begin to explain why this happened, but I left an open wine bottle in my very cold garage… from pics

11. The owner of this refrigerator out in their garage.

My friend finally checked on her garage fridge after the polar vortex. from Wellthatsucks

12. Whoever thought they were gonna stay inside, chill, and watch TV.

Its so cold we cant watch TV from Wellthatsucks

13. This person, who’s not even safe inside their own home.

Its so cold here in Iowa that there is now Frost on the inside of my door hinges from mildlyinteresting

14. Anyone who has to use this door for any reason at all.

Its cold outside from Wellthatsucks

15. Whoever had this slight problem with their electrical socket.

My outlet in our dining room froze. from mildlyinteresting

16. The owner of this used-to-be-a-toilet that cracked when the water froze.

This toilet froze and busted from Wellthatsucks

17. This person, who accidentally left a window open in the car.

Apparently the kids were too distracted to shit the door from Wellthatsucks

18. And this person, who did the same thing with the sunroof. OOPS.

Sunroof accidentally left open from Wellthatsucks

19. This guy, who had the double whammy of getting snow both on himself and the inside of his car. Nicely done.

Sunroof problems from Wellthatsucks

20. This person, who is not going to be going outside anytime soon.

I’m just popping to the shop…… never mind. from Wellthatsucks

21. And finally, the owner of this avalanche-hit home. OOF.

This is the power of an avalanche! (X-post from r/damnthatsinteresting ) from Wellthatsucks

That is ROUGH.

Be careful out there, everyone! If you can even leave your homes.

h/t: BuzzFeed