‘She’s A 10, But…’ — How A TikTok Game Spread To Twitter And Became The Latest Viral Meme

It’s not very often the latest viral meme format spawned from a TikTok game, but this one has.

The “She’s a 10 but ____” meme started as a TikTok game with low-stakes ratings. The meme seems to have stemmed from this TikTok on May 31st from Leah Woods where she and her friends rated theoretical men. 

@leahhwoodss the end proved our point #socal #fyp #findhim #whosisthismans @lucyyyyylouuuu @maryland_w ♬ original sound – Leah Woods

@kyliemillar 😂😂😂 #shesa10 #game #trending ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

Guys have already spoiled the fun by using it in misogynistic ways. The #shesa10 hashtag now has 10+ million views.

@deannaculenTell me I’m wrong tho…♬ original sound – deanna

The game took off and spread to Twitter. Some used it to make self-deprecating jokes, others used it to reference a movie or TV plot. Here are some of our favorites.