Face Mask Memes You Can Laugh At Under Your Face Mask (27 Memes)

I thought I’d take a minute to salute those of you who are wearing your face masks when you go out. Look at you, being a good citizen and friend to those around you.

And to those of you who still seem to be on the fence about face masks, ot sure what you’re waiting for, or who hurt you to make you this way, but the science is sound and I’d personally welcome a world where we can at least agree not to put others at risk, even if we can’t agree on much else. (May I recommend a bandana, just like I wear? You’ll look like a total bada**.)

Anyway, here are some relatable face mask memes about wearing your COVID mask. Don’t be a dope and please just put one on for five minutes while you pick up your to-go Margarita.