People Are Fiercely Debating Whether Splitting Bills 50/50 Is Fair If One Person Makes More Money

Apparently, it’s a radical concept that people who have more money should pay more than those who don’t. It sounds pretty straightforward and fairer than splitting 50/50, but I guess it gets people pretty fired up! 

If there’s one thing in this world I absolutely do not want to do, it’s pay bills. Splitting bills in a relationship is complicated because how do you split groceries when one person eats way more than the other? What about if one partner takes long showers and baths? The trickiest piece is if one partner makes more money than the other. Should someone be required to pay more? How do you calculate it?

On Twitter, user @MxKantEven shared a tweet explaining why couples shouldn’t split their bills 50/50 and it sparked a debate about equity in relationships. 

She wasn’t done there. This equity versus equality talk was applied to friendships as well.

He had tons of supporters for his idea


This person even made a helpful tool! 

What say ye?

Jason Mustian

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