Comedian Goes Viral Sharing DMs Of Guy Continually Harassing Her Online

If you’re online long enough, someone is going to say something creepy to you. Now, imagine you’re a female comedian, this is going to increase by x100. 

Female comedians get a lot of sh*t online, especially from insecure men. I personally know several female comics and every one of them will happily pull up tons of screenshotted DMs of men who have harassed them, sent the d*ck pics, or just like to say “you’re not funny.”

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Comedian Maria DeCotis (@MariaDeCotis) shared one of these instances from a particularly gross baby man and on Valentine’s Day no less. The post has over 95k likes on Twitter at press time.

Maria shared a thread containing the DMs from a guy who has, it would seem, absolutely no shame. I have to say, she handled it about as well as I think anyone could. No response, just screenshot, and post.

Some guys just don’t know when to stop.

Well, what a rollercoaster that was. Either this is the most unstable person ever or he just gets off on the humiliation. Whichever, no one should have to get these kinds of messages.

Maria did her part and made this douchebag’s privates public, so then Twitter could do it’s thing and cast shame and embarrassment towards this lowly creature. 

People in the comments were not kind or understanding of this man’s advances and harassment. 

And yes, as it turns out, this man is notorious for creating new accounts to harass hundreds of women. 

It’s disgusting that women have to deal with men like this who are completely relentless and see zero consequences for their actions. 

What’s your take on this? Have you dealt with harassment online? Do you engage, or do you just walk away? I can see it being extremely hard to take the high road with people like this, but really, what can you actually do?