Just When You Think DMs Can’t Get Weirder (25 Pics)

If you are a woman on the internet, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve gotten creepy messages from a stranger. These messages aren’t all created equal. Sometimes messages say something boring like “hey beautiful,” or just the fire emojis, but the really good ones come from people who send a flurry of frustrated messages back to back.

It’s almost like women don’t want to talk to a guy who seems really unstable right off the bat?

Subreddit r/creepypms lets users share all their funny and weird creepy pms and occasionally they get submissions from people who had the perfect, hilarious reply.

Fellas, if you’re looking for a way to message a girl, maybe have a reason you’re reaching out to her. Just saying hi doesn’t give her a lot to respond to. If it’s a totally random DM, at least send her $20 first.

1. Kevin needs to try a different approach.

2. I misunderstood the request…

3. Am I not beautiful?!

4. Shrekophobia is real!

5. I hope this crushed his soul.

6. The sickest burn.

8. Submarine?

9. What an interesting way to “bro out.”

10. Maybe you should see a doctor.

11. You have your own?

12. “My wife’s first message on xbox live”

13. Zero red flags here!

14. Very exciting that this is an email.

15. Top tier response!

16. No further questions.

17. “Do you think NATO has information on raccoons?”

18. With flash? This guy is picky.

19. This didn’t go as planned.

20. I understand you perfectly.

21. Iconic message.

22. Why would this change anything?

23. So nice to find a man who can adapt.

24. Not into history I guess!

25. I hope Brandon learned a lesson here…