50+ Cars People Took From Rust Bucket To Beauty

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — especially when it comes to cars.

These savvy car lovers found some rusted-out jalopies, shooed away the raccoons living inside, and restored the forgotten vehicles to their former glory.  Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast or just a fan of shiny things, these miraculous vehicle makeovers are sure to satisfy.

Keep going for jaw-dropping car restorations that’ll have you seeing all sorts of possibilities next time you pass the junkyard.

1. A Friend’s Aunt Gifted Me Her Deceased Father’s Car. “If You Think You Can Get It Running, You Can Have It”

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2. Before & After

3. 1958 MGA Before And After

4. This 1970 Chevelle Went Through A Full Restoration Process To Get Its Glory Back

5. A Little Before And After. Paid $1000 For A ’72 Ghia That Had Been Sitting In Yard 5 Years Under A Tree. High-Speed Wool Pad And Polishing/Cutting Compound

6. I Found A Rusty Morgunovka (SeAZ S-3A From 1960) In My Neighbor’s Garage, Installed A CVT And Made A “Candy” Out Of It ⁠

7. Nysa 522, Photos Shows The Restoration Of A Polish Car ⁠

8. My First DIY Post, But I Restored A 1969 Mustang In High School And I’m Very Proud Of How She Turned Out

9. Before, During, And After The 6-Year Restoration And Customization Of My 1967 Beetle

10. Here’s My Father And His Before And After Pics Of His ‘65 Bus Restoration Project. He’s Very Proud Of It And He Spent 4x Of My College Degree To Make It What It Is Today

11. 1971 Dodge Charger Before And After

12. I Can’t Draw But I Consider This My Art. Restored A Classic Stingray In My Garage

13. Challenger Restored

14. Just Over Two Years Ago I Started My First Major Project, A Non-Running 1967 Triumph TR4A. Here’s A Before And After

15. My ’64 Falcon Build Before And After

16. 1969 Karmann Ghia Before And After – Restored And Converted To Electric

17. The Original Car My Grandpa Purchased At 16 Years Old: A ’31 Chevy 5-Window Coupe That Was Restored By Him And My Dad

18. My Brother Finished His Bird After A Few Years. Pretty Awesome

19. Arkady Babich’s Homemade Convertible “Leningrad” Has Been Restored ⁠

20. Restored My Dad’s Old ’70 Camaro

21. Sometimes It’s Easy To Forget How Much Work You’ve Done

22. Completed Restoration Of My Dream Car

23. Before And After Of My Dad’s 2-Year Smokey And The Bandit Inspired Trans Am Project

24. Before And After From A Few Years Ago. I Work In My Family’s Glass, Interior, Sunroof, And Convertible Workshop

25. Rare 1967 Mustang GT500 Got A Second Chance At Life. And Women Say We Don’t Cry Enough

Rare 1967 Mustang GT500 Got A Second Chance At Life. And Women Say We Don’t Cry Enough

26. 1963 VW Dune Buggy Restoration Before And After

27. The Red Wheels With The White Walls Make The Look Of This Truck, Awesome

28. 1967 RS/SS Camaro Home-Built Restoration

29. Before And After Of A Project I’m Very Proud To Officially Consider Completed

30. Before & After

31. Got This Out Of A Hay Field. It’s Been Sitting For A Long Time

32. Restoration Camaro Z28 ’73

33. 1968 Ford Mustang Restoration, My First Car

34. It’s Art And Requires Just Enough Passion

35. 280Z Before And After. It Was A Lot Of Hard Work, But She’s Beautiful

36. Before And After. My First Car I Bought 3 Years Ago For $700

37. Before And After

38. Before And After. I Spent 2 Years And Too Much Money On Her

39. Some Before And After Pics Of My ’68 Merc Cougar I’ve Been Working On For A Couple Years Now

40. I Restored A 1977 VW Bus For Under $1,000

41. A 5-Year Project, And All The Work Was Done By Me And My Father-In-Law

42. The Before And After Of Mine And My Wife’s Project Car. 2015-2018

43. Before And After. Still A Work In Progress. Next are Coilovers, GTI Wheels, And Bumpers

44. After 3 Years Of Work, I’m Calling This Project Done

45. A Before And After Of My Father’s ’79 Vette That We Restored/Modified During One Indiana Winter

46. My (Wife’s) 1970 Fiat 500 L Before And After Restoration

47. Before And After Photos Of An E12 I Had To Refurbish In The Workshop Last Weekend For Our Exhibition

48. Before And After, 1964 Ford Fairlane

49. I Don’t Know If I Have Posted A Before And After Pic Yet. Top Is Before, In Case You’re Wondering

50. At The Ripe Age Of 22, I’ve Completely Restored A 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit. What An Experience

51. My Very First Build. I Got The Car For The First Time When I Was 15

52. Find Me At Drive-In Movie Theaters Or Cruising Down The Highway In California With This Car

53. Seven Year Later Viper Charger Restored

54. My First Project Car Without A Carburetor And Countless Rust Holes. Before And After

55. Power Wagon Project Before And After

56. Here’s A Cool Before And After For You All

57. Before/After – 1988 Crown Vic Lx – The Panther Has Had Some Work Done! Purrs And Roars At 89k Miles Along With Some Modern Upgrades

58. Before And After. It’s Far From Done, But What A Difference Already

59. Before And After Of My 1992 Mazda Eunos Roadster

60. I Did All The Work Myself, Even Though I’m 17. Before And After

61. 1972 C10 Before (Brown One) And After. Brown Picture When I Purchased August 2021, Silver Picture Taken June 2022

62. RX-7 Class Project, Before And After

63. The Transformation Of My Green Car

64. Before And After – Porsche Edition

65. Before And After Of My 8-Year Project (1972 Datsun 240Z Restored)

66. Before And After Of My 1977 280Z

67. Here’s A Little Before And After Of My ’72 Demon. I Wouldn’t Say It’s 100% Complete Yet, But It’s Getting Close

68. Sometimes You Have To Reflect On The Before And After

69. A Plymouth Hemi Cuda Body Meeting A Dodge Magnum Chassis, Full Progress During 2 Years

70. 1980 International Scout II, How It Started And How It’s Going

71. How It Started vs. How It’s Going

72. Before And After Of Our 08 Mustang

73. My 2001 Tacoma Before And After

74. Before And After Of My ’77 Bmw (E12) 530i (69k Miles) After A 1.5-Year Restoration Project

75. What Three Years Of Work Looks Like, Same Car, All Work Done By Me

76. Before And After On My 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

77. My AE86 Project Before And 8 Years After

78. 4 And A Half Years Later

79. Here Is The Before And After So Far On My 1991 Chevy Camaro RS. It Was Sitting For 9 Years In Someone’s Driveway

80. 1968 Dodge A100 Custom Sportsman Barn I Restored. Before vs. After Pictures

81. 1972 Datsun 510 Restomod Before And After

82. This Car Restoration Job In Malaysia

83. 1994 Nissan Hardbody Before And After

84. Gorgeous Car

85. Before And After For You Guys

86. Great Restoration

87. Project Car Check

88. Just Wanted To Share A Before And After Of My B210

89. Before And After Of The 2004 SRT4 Original Owner That Sat For 14 Years. It’s Not Perfect But It’s A Good Start

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