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Dad Sends Daughter On Home Treasure Hunt After She Asks About The “Secret Door” In Their Ceiling

Everyone loves a good Twitter thread. It’s the internet’s version of a campfire story (sad but true) and people love to see it play out tweet by tweet and scene by scene as the suspense builds to a hopefully satisfying conclusion.

One story time thread that captured people’s imaginations recently was posted by a father named Jason Robinson and detailed the fantastical adventure he went on with his 3-year-old daughter Emma when the child discovered a hatch in their ceiling and demanded answers.

What happened next was… well we’ll let him tell it.

Being the self-aware homeowner that he is Robinson already knew what was behind the door, and it was underwhelming.

But instead of letting his kiddo deal with the boring old disappointment of reality, Robinson got an idea and sprang into Dad Mode to carry it out.

Stashing a treasure chest for his little girl wasn’t enough, Robinson was determined to make it an experience to remember.

In order to open the box and claim her treasure Robinson’s 3-year-old would have to undertake an epic quest through the backyard, following a series of clues.


Like any good storyteller, Robinson built tension by stopping mid-story on a cliffhanger, providing a shot of the treasure chest as it waited patiently to be discovered.

Then the camera started rolling and the story became a film.

Complete with perplexing mysteries…

And dramatic discoveries.

At last, the treasure was unlocked

Robinson’s daughter Emma wisely attributed the adventure to her being a “great finder”…with a pretty decent dad, we might add.

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