Teens with improvised prom dates

25 Quarantined Teens Who Threw Their Own Proms During The Pandemic

As schools shut down across the country to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many teens have been disappointed to learn that prom, too, is canceled. For some, this was to be their only prom experience of their lives — something widely considered to be an essential tradition of youth in the U.S. 

But young people are nothing if not creative and resilient, evidenced by how many are having their own at-home and/or virtual proms, dressing up and dancing with family members and sharing the results online for the rest of us to enjoy. The idea has caught on so well that actor John Krasinski threw his own virtual prom for the wider class of 2020 on April 17.

Other teens came up with their own ideas of how to celebrate the end of high school, some of which included even more non-traditional dates than their own parents. Not that going to prom with mom during a pandemic isn’t cool, because it’s definitely cooler than getting everyone sick. Regardless, all of these teens are awesome, and we hope they all had a great time.

Especially the prom with mom people.




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Prom with dad isn’t half bad, either.





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Others came up with super adorable dates.