People Are Surprised To Find Out Big Bird Is Different Colors In Different Countries

Childhood memories of Sesame Street contain many iconic figures, but the most prominent one for all of is probably one giant yellow bird.

Big Bird has been central to the show and the neighborhood for decades and we can all picture him. He’s very tall, has long tubular pink legs, a pink beak, and fluffy bright yellow feathers.

That’s the most I’ve talked about Big Bird in years. Everyone is talking about Big Bird more than they have in years right now because of a Twitter post from Twitter user Neil Scully.

Scully screenshot some Tumblr posts by Yugiohnineinthesky, who claimed they discovered that Big Bird doesn’t look the same everywhere when a Dutch friend in their group chat asked “Why isn’t it blue?”


This sent them down a wiki rabbit hole and they soon discovered that there are different colored Big Birds all over the world, who all look a little bit different in terms of size and beak shape, too.

After Scully took the original post to Twitter, it started trending as everyone had their minds blown. It got so popular that finally, the verified account of the Muppet Big Bird decided to weigh in.

Big Bird shared all the family photos he has of his cousins and introduced each one. 

Abelardo from Mexico:

Blue Pino of the Netherlands:

This sunset beauty Minik Kus from Turkey:

Poupas of Portugal, who seems to be a missing person:

Little Bird, who bums around Sesame Street:

Garibaldo of Brazil, clearly the fun cousin:

Big Bird was happy to share:

And it gave people a moment to enjoy themselves asking some important question about Big Bird’s taxonomy and some of the other weirder creatures who have made appearances in his universe over the years:

Thank you, Big Bird, for spreading joy in our adulthoods like you did in our childhoods.