People Are Sharing The Parenting Trends They Disagree With (17 Posts)

Parents have opinions, that’s for sure. Ask them about a simple thing, and you will get an entire narrative about potty training or boundaries or playdates or temper tantrums. Each parent thinks they’ve got the right answer, but the truth is that every child is different and every family has a particular dynamic. People love to judge, and Redditors especially think they’ve got the answer. So no surprise that Redditors had lots to share about the parenting trends they disagree with.

1. Recording Punishments

“Recording your children when you punish them. That’s private- not for the public. Anything posted on the internet lasts forever. And children are cruel, wait until at school see. They will carry that their entire lives.” — letmereaditt

2. Too Much Social Media

“Putting your child’s life on the social media.” — Devils_Gate

3. Not Letting Kids Make Mistakes

“Not letting their kids make mistakes.” — Hydroblitz3307

4. Oversharing

“Oversharing stuff about your kids on social media. A picture of little Johnny’s poop in the potty is not cute, it’s disgusting. You wouldn’t post a picture of your own feces in the toilet, doesn’t make any difference coming from a 2 year old.” — Adventurous_Yak_9234

5. Over Protecting

“Over protection. Kids need to slowly, safely learn to manage risk and that means that they must take risks. Not letting kids learn this hurts them as adults and preparing kids for lives as adults is really what parenting is all about.” — coercedaccount2

6. Disciplining Children Based On What Other Parents Do

“Disciplining children based on what other parents are doing. What works for 1 kid won’t work for others.” — Background_Neck8739

7. Not Saying “No”

“Not saying ‘no’ to your children. I don’t understand the logic. Setting behavioral boundaries and maintaining those boundaries through black and white logic makes perfect sense to me.” — FenixthePhoenix

8. The “Silent Treatment”

“Parents who give their children ‘the silent treatment.’ Going hours, days, or longer without speaking – making the children feel ‘guilty,’ ashamed, and confused about what the real problem is instead of dealing with it openly and forthrightly.” — Back2Bach

9. Over-Busying Children

“Over-busying children. Play doesn’t mean play date. Play doesn’t have to mean organized sport. Your child doesn’t need to have scheduled activities 4-6 times a week. Knock that sh*t off!” — Desert_Suz

10. Screen Addiction

“Letting your 2 year old get addicted to a screen.” — shark_dressed_man

11. Kool-Aid

“Not using sugar when making kool-aid. That shit was nasty.” — A4S8B7

12. “One Gift” Policy

“The ‘one gift policy’ for birthdays. I saw someone on Reddit the other day ask another Redditor if they even raised kids because the other Redditor didn’t agree with giving their child’s sibling a gift on their birthday so they wouldn’t throw a fit. They even argued that it wasn’t appeasement because you only do it for a few years! The only thing that does is teach your child that they’re entitled to a gift on someone else’s birthday.” — Inomsbacon

13. Parents Who Act Like A Friend

“Parents prioritizing being a friend instead of a parent. They then are shocked when their kid doesn’t listen to them at all.” — Toihva

14. No Sex Ed

“Guilt tripping or being embarrassed to talk about sex and puberty.” —MusicIsLife003

15. Late Potty Training

“As someone who works in daycare…Late potty training. I’m not talking about a child who is struggling or a child with additional needs. I’m talking about a child who could have been potty trained a year ago but I’m still changing their diapers. Covid hasn’t helped either. The idea is that we aren’t going to push children to potty train when they aren’t ready. As it can lead to issues later in life like constipation. Which I agree with it. What it has turned in to? My entire class of 3s is in diapers. The 4s class now has a changing table and diaper genie. My girlfriend who teaches Kindergarten has several kids who are still in pull ups. Once again, these aren’t children who are generally struggling or have medical issues. These are kids I’ve begged to potty train but Mom tells me ‘oh I just don’t think they’re ready yet, we don’t want to rush it.'” — cleaning-meaning

16. Not Sharing Finances

“Not sharing anything about financial matters. Keeping everything financial away from your kids doesn’t teach them how the world works. Of course maybe not share every single detail, but maybe give a rough figure of how much comes in each month, how much groceries costs, or how much the energy bill costs. It’s very common in my country for this to be a taboo, and it really set me up for failure when I started living on my own at the age of 18. I wasn’t taught ANYTHING about the costs of living on your own.” — Esarus

17. “I’m The Parent So I’m Right”

“‘I’m the parent so I’m right.’ I do not in any way mean to coddle your kids. I am all for setting well defined and well explained boundaries. A kid should never be unsure about why they are being punished, and the punishment needs to be tailored to each kid to suit their age. It’s all about making sure that your kid understands the rules, and to talk it out if there is something they disagree with. Respecting and listening to your kid is a good way to get respect and understanding back.” — CouvadeShark.

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