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Yet Another Karen Throws A Tantrum, This Time Over A Supermarket’s Mask Policy

Whenever there is a reasonable request, there’s some conspiracy maniac trying to garner an online following by refusing to do it. A woman named Shelley Lewis has been dubbed the latest Karen, or white lady making a scene for not getting her way. In my opinion, Lewis goes far beyond the classic Karen. She’s also a flat-earther and anti-vaxx. This video of her being an absolute idiot at the Gelson’s isn’t just a freak out caught on camera—she very deliberately planned to have a confrontation with the management at a grocery store, and their ability to remain polite and chill in response is what makes it so perfect.

The clip was originally posted on Reddit on r/PublicFreakOut by u/bobamilktea1, and eventually made its way over to Twitter. It starts with Lewis having been denied entry to a Gelson’s supermarket in Dana Point, California, after refusing to wear a face mask.

She claims to have a disability that makes it impossible for her to wear a mask. The employees offer to shop for her. She claims she has “personal” things to buy at the Gelson’s she doesn’t want them to see! And that she would never give them her credit card or money!

I guess she doesn’t know what the checkout process at a supermarket involves because she was born ten minutes ago.

Lewis is so obviously hoping to get into a fight, but the manager, Brian, just keeps being polite and absolutely refusing to let her in. She claims he’s violating “HIPAA” which is absolutely wrong for the situation. A HIPPA violation is when someone’s medical information is being given out without their consent. It’s possible she means the store is not being ADA compliant, meaning refusing to accommodate disabilities, but those laws only ask for reasonable alternatives. Like offering to shop for her.

In short, no one is violating Karen‘s rights. And if she is up in arms over wearing a mask, just wait until she hears she has to wear a shirt and shoes to receive service.

“I’m glad you guys think it’s okay to like infringe on people’s rights here,” Lewis says to the employee outside, buffing carts with sanitizer. “You’re infringing on people’s rights.”

To that, he says that he is grateful to have a job. Owned. Lewis is getting dragged in Twitter because people find her mix of entitlement and ignorance hilarious:

The bad news is that Lewis is clearly stupid enough to consider this encounter a win. 

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