Karen Fails To Get Dog Sitter After Being Rude, Threatening, And Invoking A Sick Relative

The thing about pathologically entitled people is that they all seem to be reading from the same script. First, they rudely engage with you. Then they make unreasonable demands to accommodate them. Next, they’ll try to low-ball you, if money is involved. Then come threats, condescension, and finally, a sick relative to explain away all their behavior. It’s like they go to a secret summer camp for Karens.

This conversation between a dog walker and a Karen Supreme hits all the points right away. First, the Karen messages the OP on Instagram, calling themselves a “potential and a little upset customer.”

They were annoyed that the OP didn’t check their Facebook messages, even though she had stated on her page she wouldn’t be for a while.

The Karen tries to give her some “tips” on how to run a successful business, then demands that the OP walk her dog over Easter break while she goes to Florida.

The OP kind of shrugs it off and then explains that she can board the puppy but needs to have it dropped off because it’s so last minute.

When the Karen insists, OP asks for the address then gives the price, which is extra for the work of picking the dog up and because of how last minute it is. Karen freaks the hell out.

When the OP won’t be shamed into lowering her rates, the Karen suddenly reveals that she has a sick daughter and this Easter trip might be her last chance to visit Florida! Oh no!

She warns the OP that she’ll understand someday when she’s a mom. Then she calls her a “CHILD” and says she doesn’t even need the money.

At this point, the OP turns it around and tells the Karen that her mom is sick. I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth or just trying to show the OP how she sounds. She raises the price from $165 to $200 to help her poor sick mom.

“Pls help cure my mother, ” the OP writes. The Karen responds without irony, “I’m not a charity lol.”

Classic Karen. 

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