Karens Have Had Enough Of The “Misogynistic” Karen Meme, Which Is Such A Karen Thing To Do

Even considering that everyone has been quarantined for a month, this new hot take from writer Julie Bindel is really hard to excuse. Bindel decided to come for a common Internet colloquialism, and she got shut down real quick. If you didn’t know, people sometimes refer to a certain type of white woman as a “Karen.”

A Karen is someone with a lot of privilege who pops off as soon as she doesn’t get her way and demands to speak to the manager. Visual representation of a Karen usually is of a blonde woman with a bob and duck butt tufts on the back of her head. You know the look.

karen says being called karen is a slur
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Instead of taking this in the way it is intended—not a big deal— Bindel decided to claim that Karen was a slur. That’s right. A slur.

In a way, I comprehend what Bindel is getting at, though I think she is being disingenuous in her comparisons. Some guys do enjoy hating on women because it makes their misogyny suddenly palatable— the white women they’re attacking are oftentimes acting racist or entitled. Racism is bad, and sexism is bad. But being called a Karen is definitely not comparable to the badness of real racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic slurs. SLUR, she said!

For provenance: 

The apples and oranges comparison didn’t stop people from agreeing with Bindel:

A lot of people did note that Bindel has a reputation for being transphobic as well. She’s made claims that TERF (which stands for a trans-exclusionary radical feminist) is a slur in the past as well. This is kind of her usual plea for attention:

Bindel might be getting what she wants by being ratioed, but at least she also gave Twitter plenty of fodder for jokes at her expense, just like a Karen. Here are the best ones: