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The Rudest And Most Entitled Choosing Beggars—Q’Tine Edition (17 Pics)

There will always be folks in the world who feel as though they deserve everything and more. They’re entitled jerks and their behavior is almost always rude, demeaning, and straight-up baffling. This attitude is brought to new heights on Reddit’s r/ChoosingBeggars, where the rudest and most entitled are rewarded (or punished, depending on how you look at it) by getting blasted to thousands of strangers eager to mock and shame.

You’d think that in our current climate—the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus—these folks would stop being so dang privileged and mean. But you’d be wrong! It’s almost as though in a time of crisis, more and more of these people sit at home and ooze entitlement like never before.

1. “Stranger offers to bring groceries to old man in quarantine; she doesn’t meet his standards.”

2. “I am making face masks for FREE for healthcare workers and at cost for anyone else. I have to make them from what I have available from my own materials and stated that because of this I could not accommodate color requests.”—u/Spazzerbot

3. “A good deed never goes uncriticized”—u/alikatbar

4. “There’s always one.”—u/riceballdono

5. “CB during pandemic”—u/emolyo

6. “Restaurants have been forced closed in the tri-state area and this CB wants them to lose MORE money by giving a discount.”—u/Redthirteen09

7. “Some people will never be satisfied”—u/fromaz277

8. “The tutoring company I work for has a lot more patience than I do…”—u/mayorofutopia

9. “Should be free everything!!”—u/froops

10. “Some people will never be happy. Respect to all frontline workers.”—u/voodoo-rider