The Rudest And Most Entitled Choosing Beggars—Q’Tine Edition (17 Pics)

11. “How dare you make money if I’m not? You must work for free because I decided so!”—u/lez566

12. “CB tries to guilt trip person for making and selling DIY face masks instead of donating them for free.”—u/friedchicken7115

13. “Local church doing a food drive every week due to the pandemic. Choosing beggar only eats organic and doesn’t wait in line.”—u/Sunbrojesus

14.”First one that actually upset me. My post on the right. CB on the left. So disappointed.”—u/Jocelyn_999

15. “Free pizza?”—u/SusanBoyleDid911

16. “McDonalds just publicised they are offering a free drink to emergency services, health & social care workers but the choosing beggars are still out in force!”— u/notintel

17. “There is always that one guy…”—u/mustib

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