Don’t Be A “Covidiot” (32 Pics)

Don’t be a covidiot. That’s what we’re calling these folks who have been highlighted by their stupidity during this pandemic. It is insane to me that in this age of information there are still so many dumb people. It’s terrifying.

Educate yourselves, or you’re endangering yourself and others, and probably end up in one of these posts. Don’t be a covidiot.


2. So, viruses can’t move sideways?

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3. All The Beans At My Local Grocery Store Are Out Except This One


5. Just Your Typical Walmart Shopper

6. Someone Tell Snorkel Lady That It Won’t Work

7. If You Can’t Smell It, You Can’t Get It

8. 5G —> Death = Science

9. This Guy Was Eating His Food Wearing The Same Gloves He’s Been Wearing Since He Walked In

10. So, My Work Had A Meeting About The Importance Of Social Distancing Today