“Leave Area”—Delivery Guy Shares Predictably Karen-ish Note Left By A Karen Outside Her Door

With people stuck in their homes, everyone is realizing who really keeps the economy running, and it’s not the billionaires on top. It’s all the delivery people, grocery store workers, and healthcare workers who are keeping society functioning.  But instead of getting guaranteed healthcare and hazard pay, most of them are just getting verbal abuse from all the entitled people going stir crazy in quarantine. There are a lot of stories about people acting out of pocket, but this story from u/GinoTonic on r/InsanePeopleFacebook is really next level.

They shared a screenshot of a Facebook post, writing, “My friend is a UPS driver and he continuously encounters Karens during COVID-19.” The Facebook post shows a handwritten note that reads:

Dear UPS Man.

After putting on a mask and gloves, carefully remove contents of packages, discard shipping and packing material, disinfect contents with an FDA approved disinfectant for at least 30 seconds, leave at door. Do NOT touch door! Leave Area!

Dang. She didn’t even write “thank you” on there. Naturally, the poster captioned this note on Facebook, “Dear Karen, No. Best, UPSM.”

A “Karen” is a woman, almost always white, who feels entitled to other people’s time and energy and believes the whole world should accommodate her demands. She’s also cranky and likely to call the police. Beware the Karens, for they are everywhere and now they know they’re being called Karens. Some even want the name “Karen” to be considered a slur because that’s how deluded they are.

The writer of this note is a definite Karen, whatever their gender or identity is. They think a delivery worker going overtime with everyone’s packages can disinfect those packages for them? With materials that they pay for and provide?

And don’t forget to take the garbage and recycle, too, buddy! Commenters are pretty shocked by the absolutely bonkers note:

Karen, you’re the one who needs to Leave Area.

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