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Jimmy Fallon Wants To Know What All The Bored People Are Doing In Quarantine (31 Tweets)

We’re heading into week three or four of quarantine, depending on how soon you took social distancing seriously. Even people in the most comfortable circumstances are struggling with the reality of having nothing to do outside of their own homes for the foreseeable future. Folks are going stir-crazy. We’re bored in the house and we’re in the house bored.

Even Jimmy Fallon seems to be bored, wherever he is. In a mansion somewhere crooning “Imagine.” But on Twitter, he’s soliciting stories from the boredom frontlines, asking people to share the funny stuff they’ve been up to with the hashtag #ImSoBoredI… and then fill in the blank.

Despite the fact that it feels like there’s nothing to do, there’s seems to be a wide variety of ways to feel and be bored out there. People have gotten very creative with their boredom. In fact, these answers have given me some new ideas about how to be bored. The human spirit will not be conquered! We will always find a weird and stupid thing to do even in the most trying circumstances. It’s beautiful.