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TikTok Mom Angers Followers With Video Saying She Has A Favorite Child

One of the unspoken rules of being a mom of multiples is that you never, ever tell your children if you have a favorite.

Sure, you can prefer one child depending on the day, but in theory they’re all supposed to be your favorites. Well, one mom on TikTok may have let the world in on who her favorite son is, and she’s getting some flak. 

Olivia Smith posted a video on Saturday that has been viewed 1.4 million times. In the video, she is seen cuddling one of her sons. 


“Tell me you have a favorite child without telling me you have a favorite child,” she says. “Joking of course…” she captioned the video.


“I’m not gonna go first, because I definitely don’t have a favorite,” she says, motioning her head towards her son. “I definitely don’t have a favorite child at the moment,” she repeats while zooming the camera in on him.

We get it! He’s the favorite! 

“I love you mama,” the boy says.

It’s very sweet. But also, what about your other kids? Would they get upset if they saw it? People had strong feelings about the “joke.” 

“You really don’t get how much this hurt for the other kids if they see this/ notice it by how you act,” wrote one user. “No funny. Not ok.”

Another accused Smith of “slapping ‘it’s a joke'” on the video to get away with “toxicity and things that will cause trauma.”

“Its really painful when ur mom loves your brother more than u,” commented one user. “Pls dont do that. It really hurt.”

In a follow-up video posted the next day, Smith calls the critics “sensitive” and says they have nothing to worry about. In that video, Smith goes around her house, asking each of her children who her favorite child is. Each one believes they are the favorite.

“So chill,” she tells viewers. “Laugh a little more.”

Lead image: TikTok