Viral Post Hilariously “Explains” Why Millennials Are “Real Pieces Of,” Well, You Know

There is a myth about Millennials spread by confused Boomers and Gen-Xers and widely accepted by the masses.

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You’ve probably heard it. Millennials are entitled, lazy, and staunchly unwilling to conform.

Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why and loud proponent of the Millennial Myth, has said “Millennials are unmanageable in corporations because they are impatient, lazy and entitled as a result of bad parenting, addiction to cellphones and Facebook depression.”

A study conducted by Axios/SurveyMonkey last year found that Millennials also tend to describe themselves as “spoiled” and “lazy,” fully aware of the fact that we are delaying traditional life milestones like moving out, getting married, and having kids, largely because we’re broke and unready.

Millennials may be waiting to “grow up,” but the myth that our generation is lazy or entitled is just that—a myth. And there’s data to back it up.

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They are more financially responsible than prior generations—” saving more, taking less paid time off, and worrying more about stability.”

According to Inc, not only do 51 percent of Millennials own or intend to own a business, they’ve “already launched twice as many businesses than boomers ever have” and “they see a much larger gross profit margin than boomer entrepreneurs.”

But not all Millennials are entrepreneurs, and many are plagued by anxiety and mental health issues that prior generations never experienced, largely as a result of social media. A lot of us feel really bad a lot of the time.

Bad about where we are in life, where we think we should be, about careers, finances, and relationships.

And this recent thread—which appears to have been initially written on YouTube, but which was recently posted to Reddit’s r/WellThatSucks community with the caption “This makes me feel better about being a millennial”—perfectly summarizes the Millennial condition.


The post explains in no uncertain terms why Millennials are “real pieces of sh*t,” and—if the 56,000 upvotes in less than three days’ time is any indication—the sentiment resonated. Or at least stirred debate.

Pick the timeline of any other generation. Just about all of them sucked in one way or another.


If it would make this person feel any better, Americans are almost entirely not responsible for the plastic in the ocean. That would be China’s fault, along with India and some African nations. Literally 90% of the plastic in the ocean can be pinned on that small group of nations.


Yeah okay, I’m 52. I had it easier than these kids today do. The US economy was booming in the 1990s. The problem these kids have is the pile of crippling student loan debt against which they get to go out and beg for jobs that pay squat, meanwhile they can’t afford houses or cars which means they’re not buying major appliances or TVs or cable because they can’t afford it.

Sure, it’s fun to concentrate all the wealth at the top for the benefit of the shareholders but there’s going to be a great reckoning. This is unsustainable.


Millennials have gotten a (somewhat) bad rap. Who doesn’t eat avocados?

They gave GenX almost as much sh*t till y’all came along. Since then they have just ignored us. All you ever hear about are Boomers and Millennials. So, maybe you will be so lucky in a couple of years.


I’m not a millennial, but I will say they do get a bad rap. Baby Boomers are, hands down, the WORST generation to ever grace this earth. And they talk shit about millennials? That’s absolutely hilarious.


“I was a freshman in college when 9/11 occurred and was a couple of weeks into grad school in New Orleans when Katrina hit. Finished grad school in 2008 and got to jump into that sh*t job market/economy. It is all big sh*t sandwich, just gotta make it happen for yourself. Tackling big challenges can only make the regular day to day shit seem easier.”


There is, at most, one single generation in the entirety of human history that has had it better than us. The lives of millennials will be unthinkably long and prosperous to almost any human who has ever lived. The situation could hardly suck any less.


Guys, can you take it in stride a little more? Generations snapping at each other has been a feature of humanity for literally millennia. I studied Latin and Ancient Greek in university, the number times I’ve seen the equivalent of “kids these days” and “old people just don’t understand”, written about 2,000 years ago, is hilarious.

And it’s not gonna stop. Believe it or not, your kids will be saying the same thing about you in 30-40 years. Your grandparents, your parents, and YOU are not perfect.

Edit: thanks for proving my point. On average, humanity has never been better off than we are today. There’s definitely things we need to improve, like curb climate change, adequate healthcare for all, affordable education for whoever wants it, affordable and comfortable housing for all, etc etc etc. But overall, life expectancy is high, there have never been so few wars in any point in history, nobody outside of some remote places is dying of hunger, all kinds of prejudices, bigotry, and discrimination are dying a slow death. Be happy and thankful you are alive now and not at any other point in human history.


In conclusion…we didn’t start the fire.

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