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Mom Shares Email To Teacher Who Said Her Son Not Knowing Teach’s Name Is ‘Sad’ And Sparks Debate

A mom shared a back and forth email exchange with her son’s first-grade teacher on Twitter, and it went super viral. It might be because the stuff she wrote to the teacher is somewhat divisive. You’ll either see a strong mama bear fighting for her child, or you’ll see someone annoying a teacher who is fighting to survive teaching in a pandemic. Kinda depends on where you’re sympathies lay.

The mom in question posts under the handle @Cold_Case_Love, and she wrote, “Y’all my son teacher got smart with him today and I had to email her ass.”

She then shared the letter she wrote to the teacher in which she makes some good points. Her son forgot the teacher’s name in the middle of class and asked for it, to which the teacher responded it was “sad” he still didn’t know it. Twitter mom told her it isn’t strange for a kid that age to have a memory lapse and they are learning remotely, which is true. But then she signed off “a name to remember” which is kind of crossing over into a different communication territory in my opinion. Things are heating up, getting a little dramatic.


She shared the teacher’s response, which she was unhappy with, because the teacher didn’t refer to either mom or son by name, which she took as an affront:


She said as much in her response, arguing that nothing the teacher said was “taken out of context” and she heard the teacher’s tone.


It’s totally believable that the teacher took a tone, because in her email back to this, you can almost hear the tone dripping. She is unfailingly polite, she repeats the son’s name (Elijah) over and over to satisfy mom, and then signs off, “Have a blessed day” which is basically a curse.


The mom said she eventually spoke to the teacher, especially after the tweet went viral, and apparently, she’s fine and would have done the same thing as Twitter mom as a parent.

Okay, but would she have posted it to Twitter? While many sided with the mom in this situation, others sympathized with the teacher, arguing that it is almost the end of the school year and that teachers in general are being paid too little while also going through the changes brought about by the pandemic.