Mother Reveals Her Process For Making Sure Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Doesn’t Get Bullied For Her Facial Hair

In the vivid tapestry of childhood, where innocence and vulnerability interweave, few threads are as heart-wrenching as the presence of bullies. These figures, fueled by insecurities of their own, can cast long shadows over a young life, leaving imprints that resonate far beyond the schoolyard. Among the arsenal of hurtful tactics they employ, none cuts quite as deep as the barbs aimed at a child’s appearance.

Recently, one mom, Vidya Gopalan, shared her process for making sure her 12-year-old daughter isn’t bullied for her beautiful Indian facial hair.

She helps her daughter shave her eyebrows and upper lip so other kids can’t make fun of them.

Mother: I remember getting made fun of when I was your age.

Daughter: Why didn’t you do the same?

Mother: Because my mom wouldn’t let me.


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Mother: Why do you hate haircuts?

Daughter: I look older with my hair like this.

Mother: If someone were to say something like not nice, what would you do?

Daughter: I would go away from them and say I don’t want to be your friend, or I could just say it back to them.

Mother: When they go low, you go high.

Daughter: Oh, I like that!


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