“What’s Something That Every Parent Should Tell Their Child?”—15 Replies

Parenting is hard—an understatement. But you know what can help? Reaching out to other parents or asking for advice. After all, kids model on their parents, and asking for help is a really good lesson to teach. You know what else is great to teach your kids? Admitting when you made a mistake, being kind, practicing consent, and telling them you love them.

On Reddit, parents are chiming in with all sorts of good advice regarding the one thing that parents should make sure their children know.

It’s never too early to start telling your child you’re proud of them. 


“It’s alright to make a mistake, as long as you can admit it and grow from it.” — LordPassionFruit


“Admitting they can be wrong sometimes. Parents are humans and make mistakes. Kids need to see that.” — MxPlume


“If you make a mistake and need help, come to me. Kids tend to make bad situations worse by trying not to get caught. I know way too many people who got in drunk driving accidents because they were too afraid to call their parents for help and drove home or got in the car with a drunk driver.” — xandrenia


“‘Be kind. You never know what someone might be going through,’ and ‘I love you.’ — nerdyflower03


“I’m proud of you.” — a_random_person_me


“If anyone ever tells them, ‘This will be our little secret,’ especially if it involves physical contact, my child needs to get as far away from that person ASAP, find a trusted adult, and contact me. My child will know they will not be in trouble for telling and I will always believe them.” — Midas_Artflower


“The proper terminology for their genitals. Other adults aren’t always going to know what your kid means when they say, ‘someone played with my monkey or my tutu,’ and predators aren’t going to call them by the proper names either, so it’s another deterent for abuse to occur. Vagina, Penis, Vulva, Testicles- these are not dirty words people.” — jebelle87


“Look out for the smaller kids on the playground, kindness is free so make sure to use it.” — MarilynnW27


“Express that it’s ok to feel uncomfortable and not want to do something. I saw a post where a mother taught her daughter to say hello but if she didn’t want a hug or a kiss on the cheek she was never forced to do so. If the kid felt comfortable she would do it. Expressing that this is ok seems pretty important IMO.” — niavaldero


“Whenever another kid is being mean to them, physically or verbally, don’t tell your child that the other kid was being mean to them because they like your child. Your child might grow up mistaking abuse for affection.” — chickenstockandchili

Patricia Grisafi

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