Pregnant Women Share Some Of The Rudest Things People Have Said To Them (15 Stories)

Being pregnant is hard enough without the whole world prying into your business, giving you advice, and making shockingly rude comments—but for some reason, people just say the worst things to pregnant people. On Reddit, folks are telling their stories about the rudest thing someone has ever said to them when they were pregnant—and they run the gamut from the absolutely stupid to the monstrously cruel. From asking them about their vaginas to critiquing their birthing plan, some people just can’t keep their mouths shut. 


“When I was on the operating table having a C section with my oldest, I kept asking ‘where’s my baby? Where’s my baby? Why aren’t you talking to me?’ Because I’d felt them pull him out but hadn’t heard him crying yet and no one would acknowledge me at all. One of the nurses looked down and said in this horribly snide voice ‘hmmm. Guess you aren’t the star of the show, anymore, huh?'” — [deleted]


“While my wife was pregnant we went to a Ren[aissance] fest in Michigan and a man selling pickles asked her, ‘is it congratulations, or are you just fat?’ I wanted to laugh, but the murder in her eyes made a good argument against it.” — stone_dickson


“I didn’t find out the sex of the baby ahead of time, and that was apparently shocking for some people. So many people were flabbergasted that we wouldn’t have a pink or blue nursery – I even had someone who was very concerned about what kind of clothes we would bring the baby home from the hospital in – hopefully my son was not too emasculated in his yellow onesie!” — another_sunnyday


“I’ve had a couple wonderful comments, but the most unwelcome was ‘At least if you lose this baby, you can always try for a girl!’ I’m currently expecting my second son.” — jediwife


“My husband and I announced that we were pregnant to the family this Easter. At the time I was 12 weeks along. Last October we lost our first pregnancy at 11 weeks and it was horrible! His grandmother had the nerve to respond, ‘Well, I mean, it’s not as exciting as the first time you were pregnant but at least you’re farther along than the last.’ I cried in the guest room.” — mizrodeo


“Was pregnant with my first at age 24/25. I was shopping at a local pharmacy/convenience store in which two elder ladies started to use that “shocked” sarcastic tone between each other making sure I could hear them. The topic was ‘Oh what a shame it is for all these children to having children. Teenagers should just learn how to keep out of trouble!’ type exchange. I realized they were talking about me, assuming I was a pregnant teenager, and I too was too bloated to wear my wedding ring. So I chimed in. ‘Yes, It’s a shame when teenagers don’t plan their pregnancies or use birth control. I’m just glad I was smart enough and waited until I was married and in my mid-twenties to have my family.’ I then checked out in a very glorious, but awkward silence.” — AwkwardBurritoChick


“A few days ago one of my patients was asking me about training and my schedule and it came up that I won’t be able to travel for away rotations because I’ll have a newborn. She asked if I had a newborn, and I reiterated that I would have a newborn in a week. She told me she didn’t think I was pregnant, just really fat, and she’d been wondering how I was going to be a good doctor if there were simple things I couldn’t do (I couldn’t bend down to the ground to put her shoes on her feet). Then she grilled me on my lack of wedding band. I haven’t been wearing my rings because they don’t fit. Because I am nearly 39 weeks pregnant. I am having a baby in a week, but I don’t look pregnant.” — viciouskicks


“My baby was born via emergency c section. It was either cut her out, or she would die. Not a happy situation. A ‘friend’ who went through hours of labour, almost died, her baby almost died, both spent days recovering and signed multiple documents to say she was refusing a c section told me she felt so empowered because she didn’t give in and have a c section, because, Ya know, it’s really a cop out.” — kellabean


“A friend of mine had twins, and when they were babies, lots of people asked if they were ‘natural.’ (Meaning did she conceive them the old-fashioned way, or were there infertility treatments involved.) She was always like, ‘No, they’re synthetic…'” — TheMobHasSpoken


“‘It’s not really your baby because you’re on Medicaid. It’s mine because I paid for it with my taxes.’ – my lovely mother.” — catnamedbear