13 Toxic Parents Who Got A Little Unhinged Over The Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time. Most people are racing to get done with work before taking time off and the time they take off is usually spent traveling, shopping, decorating or doing some other non-relaxing activity.

But the holidays are also supposed to be a time we spend with family, and seeing family can be either a nice diversion or an added layer of stress, depending on what your relatives are like.

If they’re toxic, like the parents on Reddit’s r/InsaneParents, then it’s probably going to be pretty stressful.

1. “What a gem to wake up to after a 12 hour overnight shift”


2. Anti-vax mom wants to give COVID positive parents Ivermectin


3. “Burn in hell! Also, Merry Christmas!”


4. “My mom’s blaming me for my brother not wanting her around his newborn twins. I cut her out of my life this year and my brother did years ago.”


5. “I got in a dispute with my dad and he was trying to tell me that I owe him 30k. I decided I was finally done with dealing with him so I just ghosted him. Now he’s saying hes gonna come and stake out my apartment.”


6. “Not my parents but my aunt’s demanding my mother’s ashes after wishing me a merry Christmas”





10. “Just had dinner with my mom, abuela, cousin, and two friends. Abuela and mom were feeling sick yesterday so mom got a rapid test today. This is how she decided to tell me.”




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