Children Of Toxic Parents Share 21 Of The Worst Things A Parent Can Say To Their Kid


You are useless.

No man would ever want to marry you.

I wish I never had you.

Gee…Thanks mom for showing me I am worth something. (SARCASM)🙅🏻‍♀️.

2 decades have gone by and it still pinches me today. The list goes on but those 3 statements were repeatedly said. I would NEVER treat my children like that. Hell, when I have kids they are not visiting their grandparents without supervision. This time I will stand up to them. I have nothing to lose this time. It’s been 20 years, better late than never. —SnooDoughnuts231


“Look at Sarah over there, you should be more like her” —theretoo_


Threatening suicide when you try to set a boundary. –plantsnpetsrthebest


“You’re the reason why your dad and I almost divorced.” —3_angels


My mom laughed at me when I said that I most likely have a mental illness or a disorder. Then she asked me if my grades were okay and I said yes, then she replied that it’s okay.

I’ve been asking her to get me therapy for almost 7 years now 🙂 —shyshyshy014


my mum told me i deserved nothing in life because i forgot to do the dishes before she came home lol —ilikechurch


I wish you were never born —AmunPharaoh


“You’re a useless disappointment” “Do you think you’ll ever amount to anything?” “You’re pathetic.” “You’re like a tiny little ant– I could destroy you so easily.” “I don’t deserve you. I’m too good of a parent for you.” “You’re an abuser.” —15083randomthoughts


Insulting your intelligence is a horrible thing for a parent to do. Something where if a friend or stranger had said it you might just laugh/shrug it off, but your own parent saying it? A good parent should stay away from anything that can ruin your self esteem because they hold a lot more power than they tend to realize. —Positive-Mentality


“I’m tired of pretending to love you.” —RiddlingVenus0