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Museum Challenges Other Museums To Share Their Creepiest Objects (31 Pics)

If you’ve ever been filled with wonder and joy when considering the human imagination, this thread will cure you of that. We are all monsters with too much time on our hands to make horrifying things. A lot of those things have ended up in museums because after enough time has passed, the creepy stuff you make becomes “history” and thus valuable.

Museum curators are up to their ears in weird crap, some of which isn’t fit for display. There are lots of niche museums out there, too, who don’t get the kind of attention the Smithsonian receives. They’re about local history or specific interests, and their collections are the strangest of all.

The Yorkshire Museum is all about “Britain’s finest archaeological treasures, and a walk through the Jurassic landscapes of Yorkshire,” according to their website. They also have their own bizarre items, one of which they showcased to start a Twitter thread about creepiest museum objects. It’s a hair bun. They don’t say who removed the hair bun from the head, they just show the picture of it:

And they called for other museums to compete with their creepiest objects. Turns out, the world is full of insane stuff you would never have pictured in a million years. Scroll through and you won’t be able to un-picture them:

1. Gold-pegged teeth

2. An embalmed mermaid

3. Human figures made of crab claws

4. A literal “curse doll”

5.A baby head pin cushion

6. Pubic hair snuff box

7. I don’t want to know

8. A spell breaker…made of sheep heart

9. Or how bout a pigeon heart?

10. Wheelie, the haunted children’s toy