Incredible Art Afghanistan’s First Female Street Artist (20 Pics)

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has created an environment of terrifying uncertainty for its citizens, especially its women. Shamisa Hassani is a painter who taught at Kabul University and is believed to be Afghanistan’s first female street artist. Her works show the role of women in Afghani society and the horror of the Taliban’s return.

Hassani went to a graffiti workshop in 2010 and became interested in street art. She developed her own style and painted her trademark character — see below — all over Afghanistan.

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1. Violin

2. Planes

3. Frames

4. Banksy

5. Float

6. Peace

7. Fly

8. Tears

9. Flames

10. Kite

11. Gun sights

12. Learn

13. Taliban

14. Rejected by Taliban

15. Trapped

16. To New York

17. Love

18. Heartache

19. Taliban returns

20. American dollar

Lead image: