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25 Parents Who Did Halloween Costumes Right

Halloween is generally seen as a children’s holiday. After all, once you pass a certain age, you can no longer go trick-or-treating, haunted houses lose their luster, and generally speaking, you have to stick to “costume parties” that don’t really encourage you to go all-out with your craziest, spookiest outfits. Thankfully, if you have kids, you get to celebrate October 31st like you used to with your little ones. And, if you’re really creative/awesome, you can put together the best family costumes EVER for yourself and your rugrats. There’s no shortage of amazingly funny kids Halloween costumes ideas out there—here are 25 of them, just in time for spooky season.

1. Toy Story

Allison Wilder

2. Beauty and the Beast

Julia Hembree

3. E.T.

Kelly Norwood Luckett

4. Starbucks barista and drink

Kim Nguyen

5. The Avengers

Michelle Van Petten

6. Frozen

Ashley Thompson

7. Space Jam

Costume Works

8. Bob’s Burgers

funny parent halloween costumes
Lori Hobin

9. Star Wars

funny parent halloween costumes
Elise Elam

10. Rock, Paper, Scissors

funny parent halloween costumes
Tabatha Finnegan