Girl Realizes Her Coke Bag Is Stuck To Her Phone Right As Photo Is Taken With Her Parents

Drugs: don’t do ’em. They can ruin your entire life, and more immediately, your 21st birthday party. There are some pictures circulating online right now that supposedly show the moment a girl realized her big night was about to go down in flames.

First posted by Twitter user @LeonKnight_, they show a girl standing with three people, likely her parents and grandma. They’re smiling, and she’s not. Why?

Well, because it seems like the phone taking their picture has a little baggie of coke stuck to it, right where her parents are looking even if they don’t yet know what they’re seeing:

You can see that she’s the only one not smiling, eyes beginning to widen in terror:


We have the opposite view and the blurry bag of illegal powder:


And the money shot:


What’s missing is the photo of what happened in the minutes after.

The pictures made their way to Reddit, where they were titled, “When your friends coke baggie is stuck to her phone as she takes your picture with your parents.” But, as many commenters pointed out, it’s more likely the phone belonged to the girl in red, who probably handed it off to have her picture taken. Also, not to be judgmental, but she looks a little glassy-eyed.

In general, I’m a bit suspicious of these pics. Who got the opposing shot of the camera with the coke bag? It seems like a scene from a movie, not reality. But I won’t stop people from having their fun, which they definitely did:

Girl in red, if you’re reading this, let the people know if you made it to your 22nd birthday.

More awkward photos: