People Share Photos Of Enormous Objects In This Online Megalophobia Group (20 Pics)

The Megalophobia subreddit is a trove of images that are definitely going to elicit some feelings of megalophobia, or the fear of large objects. We’ve rounded up some truly awe-inspiring shots for you — which one gives you shivers?

1. Zipline into Godzilla


2. That Small Dot Is Mercury In Front Of Sun. Definitely Unsettling


3. Whale Spine


4. That’s a full-sized bus


5. Astronaut Bruce Mccandless II Floats Untethered Away From The Safety Of The Space Shuttle, With Nothing But His Manned Maneuvering Unit Keeping Him Alive. The First Person In History To Do So


6. Massive American super carrier

7. Enormous tree

8. Saltwater crocodile

9. Anchor chains

10. Huge goddess

11. How…

12. Gentle giant

13. Dam that’s big

14. A bridge in Vietnam

15. Mt. Fuji

16. This is one photo

17. This redwood, currently in danger from wildfires

18. A foggy day

19. Thundering hooves

20. Underwater waterfall