Modern Photos Of Old Places Is Closest Thing We Have To Time Travel (25 Pics)

11. Lee Harvey Oswald’s back yard. Dallas, Texas

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u/dustin1776 / Reddit

12. 1889 Under Construction / Today

history and photography

u/Kickernick / Reddit

13. My Grandfather in Rome, 1945 and 2005

14. Syria early 2000s and late 2017

history and photography

u/awsomejwags / Reddit

15. Save the Arctic

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u/aquarianfin / Reddit

16. Band members from nirvana backstage on the set of the smells like teen spirit video clip.

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u/poetino / Reddit

17. I took the bottom pic (obviously) when I was in Berlin a couple years ago

history and photography

u/GuybrushMI / Reddit

17. Somewhere in France during WW2 and Now

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u/Almtdp / Reddit

18. The northwest corner of 3rd & Market, Philadelphia – 1888 & 2018

history and photography

u/Leviathant / Reddit

19. Canadian soldiers pass through ruined buildings as they enter Cambrai. In the back ground is the Église Saint-Géry de Cambrai – Oct 9, 1918 VS Sep 2018

20. Conservationalist Bob Spring in a cave 1963 vs me in the same cave 2019, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State