Guy Printing Cam Footage Of Thief On Throw Pillows Is A Level Of Petty I Aspire To

Nextdoor is a private social media app that connects users with their neighbors to discuss their community. With any social media platform, things can get wild. Twitter user Jenn Takahashi started lurking in some of their neighbors’ posts and found a goldmine. 

In October 2017, @bestofnextdoor was born. 

So, what does Nextdoor think of the account? HA! They hate it.

Recently, a Nextdoor user added a little security to their home security by purchasing new pillows—after a porch pirate was caught on camera. It’s not as ridiculous as you think, though. (Actually, it probably is.)

porch pirate caught on camera, porch pirate camera

porch pirate caught on camera, porch pirate camera

 porch pirate caught on camera, porch pirate camera

Publicly shaming porch pirates? Naturally, people loved it, especially how petty it was.

Twitter user @halfbakedthot told everyone a story about her aunt who loves payback.

And Petty Aunt became an Internet hero.

Another Twitter user shared their way to avoid porch pirates.

Someone stole my boxes once. They were full of my old lady vitamins and supplements. They abandoned it on a neighbor’s garbage can so he brought it over. They never messed with my stuff again. Pays to be boring.

— Laura Perttula (@LauraPerttula) December 12, 2019

Some people were confused.

Actually, a lot of confusing stuff happened.

Eric from the UK was bewildered that this happens in the United States.

A fellow Twitter user had to confirm that, sadly, this is the country we live in.

Then things took a turn and friends started narc-ing on each other.

Another Twitter user shared their own added home security.

There was also a discussion on the cost-savings benefit.

We also discovered this is the neighborhood filmmaker John Waters gets his mail in. Do you think he’s on Nextdoor??

More of the worst neighbors: