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Tesla Released An Absurdly Overpriced Tesla Tequila

Tesla is changing everything we think about cars. For starters, most of us know alcohol and driving don’t mix. But what about alcohol and a car that drives itself? Did you ever consider that officer (Mom)? This week, the week we need it most, Tesla introduced its own brand of tequila. Although they apparently own the rights to “Teslaquila” they went with the name “Tesla Tequila.” Apparently, people bought it anyway even at the steep price of $250 a bottle. I guess when you’ve already spent a year’s salary on a car, $250 for a bottle of booze doesn’t sound that crazy.

Tesla’s next big idea is selling overpriced Tequila:

1. Elon Musk already makes rockets, why not get into the business of selling rocket fuel? (that’s what Tequila tastes and feels like to me)

via Tesla

2. Elegant, like drinking from a cologne bottle The Flash would own:

via Tesla

3. Tesla’s website says the drink has hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and dry fruit. Aged in French oak barrels because when you want to tequila, you think of France.

via Tesla

4. Even though this makes no sense and it’s the same price as some video game systems, you guessed it, they have already sold out.

via Tesla

5. Anyone who follows Elon Musk on Twitter knew this day would come. 

6. If you follow Elon Musk, you also know he maybe has been testing the tequila for years.

7. Elon gave us all the clues.

8. And he’s got more ideas coming down the pipeline.

9. Only a genius could come up with selling rich people overpriced booze.

10. Wow! Where does Elon come up with this stuff?

11. Oh, I see.

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