Women Are Tweeting Out Pics Of Their Noses That Look Like “Before” Photos (21 Pics)

There are a lot of beauty standards you might not think too much about unless you haven’t met them. Children and young adults always remember the things they’re teased about, what people comment on, and what they see on movie screens versus what they see in the mirror. Twitter user @hollyhopkins called attention to her own self-consciousness about her sculptural nose in a viral tweet.

“It’s okay if your nose looks like all the ‘before’ pictures,” she writes, referencing popular images of noses before nose jobs and after. 

She continued, “I hated my nose sm much for the longest time and felt so insecure about it but i am learning to life my side profile even if it doesn’t look like the ‘ideal’ beauty standard.”

Personally, I think Holly has a gorgeous profile, as did a number of admirers:

But her feelings about her nose weren’t unique. Lots of women and a few men started commenting that they’d also struggled with self-image issues after realizing their noses didn’t meet some societal ideal.

They started sharing pics of their own profiles, until the whole thread became a testament to all the beautiful, interesting, and larger than average noses out there. We’re all special snowflakes, in the best possible sense of the term.