instagram vs reality photoshop fail

38 Influencers And Celebs Who Got Called Out On Their Photoshop Fails

We all know that people use Photoshop, Facetune, and a million other apps to change their bodies, faces, and boundaries of reality.

But knowing it isn’t quite the same thing as actually seeing it. If you’re constantly presented with only the “best” version of something, it starts to feel more real than real. It can be really confusing, especially for young people who are feeling pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty.

Thank goodness we have the subreddit r/Instagramreality to show that those standards are totally made up! Almost no one can meet them, even the people who are most famous for looking like the standard. On this Reddit page you can find all the most horrendous examples of people faking a body or even an entire life with the use of photo manipulation.

From their waistlines to their white teeth to the very clouds in the sky—it’s all an act.

Scroll through these, and the next time you see someone presenting a perfect bod and life on Instagram, remember how much work they’re doing to fool you. Sounds like a miserable existence, actually.