50 Photos Of People Showing Off Their Unique Genetic Traits

Sometimes Mother Nature likes to show off her artsy side. And these unique genetics photos highlight the beautiful variations that exist within our species.

From people who can bend their fingers all the way back to those blessed with natural multicolored eyes that make them look like they’ve stepped out of a fantasy novel—each captivating picture tells a story of unique genetic flair.

So get ready to be amazed by the natural artwork that is human genetics. It’s not just a peek into the biology of these individuals, but a celebration of what makes each of us uniquely beautiful—no two people are the same here, and that’s the beauty of it.

1. My Little Girl Was Born With Albinism, And She Is So Beautiful

2. Stunning Blue Eyes. A Girl With Waardenburg Syndrome

3. My Little Brother And Me, Both With Heterochromia

4. My Son’s Birthmark Gives Him The Best Hairstyle

5. Calling For All Fellow Vitiligo Owners – You Need To Start Embracing The Unique Beauty Of Our Condition. Don’t Let Your Life Suffer When Others Have No Choice In The Matter. Keep Smiling

6. My Son Was Born With An Extra Thumb

7. My Vitiligo Hair. The White Hair Contains No Pigment

8. My Son Was Born With Elf Ears

9. Just Because You Look A Little Different, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Look Like The People Mostly Shown In Media

10. Born With Blue Eyes, But They Changed Into 3 Colors As I Aged

11. My Veins Spell Out “Yo”

12. Nature Is Perfect The Way It Is

13. Bet This Would Be Pretty Handy On Old Fighting Games

14. Half My Beard Grows In White

15. Marfan Syndrome Can Be A Daunting Diagnosis. It Can Be Confusing But Nevertheless, Getting A Diagnosis Is Crucial. Knowledge Is Power, Even When It’s Scary. Awareness Can Save Lives

16. Meet Veinticuatro (24). He Has Twelve Movable Fingers And Twelve Movable Toes

17. Glowing And Growing With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

18. Finally Having The Confidence To Wear Pretty Dresses And Not Care About People Looking At My Legs And Feet Has Been So Liberating. Life’s Too Short To Hide Who You Are

19. Picture For International Albinism Month

20. Ocular Albinism Is A Genetic Condition That Primarily Affects The Eyes

21. The Sun Hits The Birthmark Just Right. You Are Each Unique In Your Own Way, And So Are Your Birthmarks

22. I Was Born With A Cleft Deficiency On My Hands, Meaning I Was Born With Only 3 Fingers On Each Hand

23. Buddy Of Mine Has A Double Big Toe. Yes, He Plays Soccer

24. My Grandma And I Have Extra Lines On Our Pinkies

25. My Daughter’s Elf Ear

26. Trachea Hypermobility In Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

27. Geographic Tongue

28. My Vitiligo Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

29. I Have A Coloboma – A Hole In The Structure Of The Eye

30. My Heel Has Strange Bumps When I Stand

31. I Was Born With A Crooked Bone In My Skull Resulting In My Unique Eyebrow

32. Raynaud’s Phenomenon (Vasospasm)

33. I’m Able To Make It Look Like I Have Two Sets Of Small Lips

34. My Thumb Bends Backwards

35. Coloboma People Rise Up

36. My Daughter Was Born With Highlights

37. My Newborn Son Was Born With A Heart-Shaped Thumb

38. I Was Born Without The Rest Of My Ear

39. Some Of My Friends Told Me That My Fingers Are “Units”

40. I Won The Mutational Toe-Thumb Lottery (Localized Gigantism)

41. Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Which Is Exactly The Same As Her Mum’s

42. My Son’s Amazing Birthmark

43. Look At The Eyes Of This Kid. He Has A Condition Called Waardenburg Syndrome

44. I Think You’ll Like My Eye

45. Zhang Hongming Suffers From Rare Congenital Giant Pigmented Nevus, Commonly Know As Giant Furred Moles

46. My Friend’s Iris Is Split In Half

47. I Have Elf Ears

48. Customer Came In And Let Me Take A Picture Of Her Hands That Had 6 Fingers On Each

49. I Have A Condition Caused Distichiasis That Causes My Eyelashes To Grow In Multiple Rows

50. Half Of My Face Has Vitiligo

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