These 50 Photos Of Abandoned Places Are Eerily Beautiful

There’s something undeniably captivating about abandoned places—like stepping into a world frozen in time, where ghosts might photobomb your selfies.

This collection of cool pictures from the r/urbanexploration page on Reddit showcases the eerie beauty of deserted spaces that Mother Nature is slowly reclaiming. From ghost towns to crumbling churches wrapped in ivy to dusty old theaters where the audience is now just echoes of the past, each image tells a story of decay mixed with a strange, stark beauty.

So grab your flashlight (or your spectral detector, if that’s more your vibe) and join us on this photographic journey. You’ll see places that have been forgotten by most but remembered through the lens.

1. Abandoned Church In The Woods

2. Abandoned Party Mansion Deep In The Maryland Forest

3. Frozen Staircases Of Abandoned Soviet Residential Buildings In A Ghost Town Beyond The Arctic Circle

4. Abandoned Schoolhouse In Southern Idaho With Blossoming Lilac That Has Long Outlived The Building

5. This Is One Of The Most Beautiful Bathrooms In An Abandoned Chateau

6. Aqueduct, Arkadia

7. I Dragged My Friend Along To An Adventure In The Tokyo Stormwater System. He Was Impressed

8. Walking Through A Train Tunnel To Reach An Abandoned Mining Town

9. Abandoned Cable Cars in the Mountains in Southern Utah

10. Free Alcohol In Abandoned Supermarket

11. Found This In New Orleans

12. Old ammo storage bunkers in the Netherlands

13. “Colored Only” City Pool, Filled In

14. I Had To Bribe A Guy To Access An Incredible Abandoned Water Park In Vietnam

15. Abandoned Houses With Beautiful Sunset

16. Abandoned Olympic Village (1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games)

17. One Of Many Waterfalls Under Manchester, UK

18. Abandoned Historical Palace In Portugal

19. Abandoned Church In Italy Overtaken By Plants

20. Abandoned Hospital, The Oculus

21. I Drove Over 1,000 Miles This Weekend To Visit An Abandoned Mine. It Was Worth It

22. This Throne Made Of Human Remains In The Forbidden Catacombs Of Paris

23. Abandoned Mall In Bangkok

24. Found Inside Of An Abandoned Historical Landmark Hospital With Power

25. Old Train Abandoned Deep In The Mountains

26. Abandoned Hungarian morgue

27. A Mental Health Hospital In Scotland

28. The Lobby Of A Closed Down Motel On Route 66

29. Nature Taking Over A Pool In An Abandoned Mansion

30. Abandoned Middle School, Massachusetts

31. Abandoned zoo near Detroit

32. Abandoned Amusement Park In The Mountains

33. Abandoned House In The Republic Of Karelia, Russia

34. The Interior Of A Power Station Cooling Tower

35. Abandoned Presidents Heads In A Rural Virginia Field

36. Discombobulated

37. Abandoned Mansion That Belonged To A Former Corrupt Police Chief Of Mexico. His Yearly Salary Was $1300

38. Found In The Desert Outside Of Roswell, New Mexico

39. Bennett School For Girls In Millbrook, NY. It’s Been Closed Since 1978

40. Abandoned Mansion: Northern Ontario, Canada

41. Found In A Car In An Abandoned Fairground

42. Abandoned beer in an abandoned church

43. Abandoned funeral home

44. Amazing Talent

45. I Found This In An Abandoned House

46. A Warning At The Entrance To An Abandoned Asylum

47. Inside Of An Abandoned Bank

48. Abandoned Hospital from 1800s – USA

49. An Artists Abandoned Mansion In The Mountains Pt.2

50. Abandoned Trains In Pennsylvania

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