Being A Landlord Is Easy If You’re Really Bad At It (26 Pics)

Along with renting an apartment comes the very special and very tense relationship between a tenant and a landlord. While some landlords are fine and keep their buildings in good shape, the worst landlords are terrible and are happy to squeeze rent money from their tenants while doing little to nothing to ensure that the apartment is livable. This can result in some antagonistic actions and unlivable conditions that have to be seen to believed. From half-assed repairs to deplorable health standards, if you don’t believe things can get nightmarish when landlord-tenant relationships go wrong I have two words for you: “ceiling mushrooms.”

Here are some of the worst landlords tenants have had to suffer through.

1. “This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling.”

2. “So my friends landlord thinks this is no big deal.”

3. “My landlord said there was a pool, he failed to mention it is closed….FOREVER.”

4. “That awkward moment when your ‘thermostat’ is actually just hanging on a nail, and doesn’t control the temperature whatsoever.”

5. “Landlords didn’t believe me when I tried to tell them we had a slug infestation. Said they’ve never heard of such a problem.”

6. “My landlord SUCKS.”

7. “My landlord pretended to do work [on] the flat but ended up installing this 360° wifi surveillance camera which also records audio without telling me about it.”

8. “My landlord is super serious about fire safety.”

9. “I’ve been arguing with my landlord about water seeping into my apartment for 2 months now. Found this little guy today.”

10. “Landlord promised to install a cat flap in our back door after some security issues. Came home to this.”