They Make Bouncy Castles For Adults And You Can Book One For Your Wedding

Are you interested in making your wedding the most fun ever? Or maybe you’re kindly thinking of ways to keep your guests’ kids busy so they can have twenty minutes to run through the hors d’oeuvres and then play with the necessities basket in the bathroom?

We all loved bouncy castles growing up, so why not say “I do” and then invite everyone to celebrate in your very own wedding bouncy castle? (Just don’t take your drink in, that would make a mess.)

If you live in the UK you can hire Mr. Bouncy Castle to curate all your wedding bouncy castle needs. According to their website, Mr. Bouncy Castle says no thank you to traditional bouncy castles (I guess the kind that look like a clown might live in there when he’s between gigs). 

“In the past we have found that the average bouncy castle can detract from the other decorations and theme of a wedding. This castle will keep the children and adults entertained for hours, enabling you to enjoy your special day. It has a large bouncy area and a built-in rain cover, so a drop of rain will not spoil the party. We replace this inflatable every year with a brand new one so this inflatable will be in superb condition for your wedding day.” 

I had a pickle bar at my wedding, but sure, go be extra and get this bouncy castle and show everyone how fun you are. 

Those of you in the US can find a similar service called White Wedding Jumpers.

It’s your wedding, do what you want! Ride in on horses, serve sushi off a person, have a fire breather, invite everyone’s pets, wear blue and make everyone else wear green, get a bouncy castle. Just have fun!