This Rainbow Christmas Tree Will Take Your Holiday Celebrations To A Whole New Level Of Camp

Christmas decorations can be downright beautiful. From elegant trees draped with glistening tinsel and twinkling lights to stockings hung by the chimney… oh, you get it. However, if your style is a little more eccentric or out-there, you might want to switch things up this holiday season with a 7-foot tall rainbow Christmas tree. 

There’s no better time to go all-out with the most insane decorations you can find than Christmas, and Treetopia’s Color Burst Christmas tree is just about as insane (in a good way) as you can get. It’s loud, bright, ridiculously campy, and a whole lot of fun. 

“Featuring vibrant, rainbow-colored PVC needles, this unlit Christmas tree has a full shape and makes for a cheerful display even without ornaments,” the product description reads, and I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, it’s likely that adding decorations to a rainbow Christmas tree would likely ruin it and take away from the sheer intensity of the colors. 

rainbow christmas tree

Treetopia themselves describe it as “one of [their] most talked about trees” and insists that it always “elicits smiles and radiates pure happiness with its vibrant appearance. Spiraling with a plethora of colors, this tree requires no lights to wow a crowd.”

“As versatile as it is vibrant, this colorful Christmas tree lends itself well to other celebrations throughout the year, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or Mardi Gras,” their description continues. “Usher the true spirit of Christmas into your home with this sparkling symbol of joy and unity.”

rainbow christmas tree

That’s perhaps the best part of having a rainbow Christmas tree—the fact that it doesn’t have to only be for Christmas at all. I could see this being great for Easter, 4th of July, and definitely (and perhaps most obviously) Pride month. There’s no way anyone can hate on a colorful and cheery tree, right? 

Get your rainbow Christmas tree on Amazon for $239.99.