Daughter’s Pride Over Her Hot Mom Starts A Viral Twitter Thread (25 Tweets)

While a lot of teenagers are embarrassed by their parents, one daughter’s pride in her hot mom accidentally started a viral Twitter thread that’s basically the best thing you’ll see all week.

After Twitter user @shipilkins shared a photo of her very youthful 43-year-old mom, the post went on to get over 25,000 likes and prompted other users on the social media site to post pics of their own moms. 

What makes a hot mom? If there’s one thing this thread proves, it’s that there’s no one answer. The photos posted show moms of all different ages, sizes, and general appearance, proving that being beautiful is as easy as just being who you are. 

1. “My mom is 43, and she can still snatch any man from me”

2. “My mother will be 41, but everyone thinks she’s 34, max. More and more I’m convinced that I am adopted. It was especially fun when my mom picked me up from the sanatorium and they told her, ‘you’re her sister and you can’t pick her up.'”

3. “I am 42. And I can’t snatch my daughter’s boyfriends, because I have sons.”

4. “Us, for you.”

5. “Mine is 35 and it seems to me that she is simply on fire.”

6. “42, without makeup, I consider her a super beauty.”

7. “I’m also 43.”

8. “All the guys know this mom, she’s 40 and she literally stole all her daughter’s boyfriends.”

9. “Mine is 45.”

10. “My mom is 43 and it seems to me that I am adopted.”

11. “Mine 48. She is a teacher. I know that she sucks the youth from her students.”

12. “Mine is 60.”