Daughter’s Pride Over Her Hot Mom Starts A Viral Twitter Thread (25 Tweets)

13. “The winner.”

14. “My hot mom is 45. She’s my best friend.”

15. “Same situation. Mine is 40.”

16. “Also sharing. Mine is 67 and she is a professional model.”

17. “Mine is 48. God, when I was a child I thought that at 50 people were already grannies who used walking sticks.”

18. Mine is only 47, and I can’t figure it out.

19. “My mom has three kids, is turning 46 in 2 weeks!”

20. “She turned 50 in October.”

21. “Yessss, my mom is 45 and I admire her.”

22. “Mine is 41 and she is divine.”

23. “My hot mom is 46 and everyone still asks me for permission to date her.”

24. “Mine is 45 but everyone thinks she’s 37 at most, or think that she’s my older sister. And you know, I’m proud of her, because only now she has become the best version of herself.”

25. “My mom is 47 and I’m still sad that I didn’t take after her.”

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