Viral Video Of A Fish Whooshing Through A Tube Has Taken Over Twitter

When humans needs to get somewhere fast, we have the Interstate Highway System, the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains, and if you’re really unlucky, the New York City subway. Fish have…water currents? Well, they did, but now salmon have a new mode of transportation, thanks to the fish whoosh tube that is currently delighting the entire internet.

In a viral video, a fisher places a large salmon into a tube called a salmon cannon (yes, really!), and the fish travels the length of the tube at the speed of light. OK, maybe not that fast, but it definitely gives Sonic the Hedgehog a run for his money.

The company who created the salmon cannon is called Whooshh Innovations, and the device allows fish to cross manmade dams in a few seconds — a trip that could take otherwise take days. Vox explains the physics of the tubes, and notes that the salmon cannon could save salmon ecosystems, by allowing fish to have access to their spawning grounds.

Naturally, social media went crazy for the fish whoosh tube. Most people were astounded that such a device even exists. Some dubbed music and sound effects over the top, making for some truly hilarious videos that only the internet could come up with:

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