21 Of The Funniest White Claw Tweets And Memes Because The Claw Is Law

Alcoholic seltzers have been around for a few years now without truly catching on, but now it seems that millennials’ love for fizzy water and getting drunk has finally overflowed and spilled everywhere. Specifically, everyone is freaking out about White Claw hard seltzer.

1. Spawned by a funny video about White Claw posted by YouTuber Trevor Wallace, a torrent of White Claw memes and tweets have been pouring forth.



4. Many of the jokes anoint White Claw as the holy beverage of millennial culture. Or millennial-hipster-upper-class-douchebag culture. Take your pick.







11. Many are insisting that Hot Girl Summer is over and White Claw Summer has taken its place which…OK?

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