16 Things That Are 1000% Millennial Culture

Millennials are the most educated, overworked, and underappreciated generation.

We get blamed for killing baby boomer cultural touchstones, ripping apart the social fabric, and spending too much time on our phones. It’s not fair, but “not fair” is something the generation that came of age during the Great Recession is used to.

Thankfully, millennials are great at celebrating—and making fun of—ourselves, and that’s just what these funny millennial tweets are all about.

You see, far from being the entitled, self-centered, empty generation boomers make us out to be,  millennials are actually very caring and have a rich culture all of our own.

It might not be much, and a lot of it is transmitted through memes, but it’s ours. Ladies and gentlemen, let these funny millennial tweets be your guide to millennial culture.

1. Millennials take pride in victories, no matter how small…

2. Or how they measure up to the struggles of our ancestors

3. We never take more than we need (or in most cases can afford)…

4. But still know the value of self-care

5. Which we need because we ignore our health

6. We’re also socially isolated…

7. But still take care of strangers…

8. And our friends

9. We never speak on the phone unless forced

10. And never EVER check voicemail

11. Millennials make funny memes and tweets about everything…

12. But not racist things

13. We make sex as weird as possible

14. And yes that means eating ass


15. We get WAY too into astrology

16. And—FINE—we like drinking flavored seltzer. WE DESERVE IT.


Hug a millennial today, friends.